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Growth Out

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Back in 2006, we held the first Growth-Out Event in Indonesia, which then became popular among the koi lover across Indonesia. We curated the best Tosai koi fish (Tategoi) in the event to get the best result at the end of the event.

11 years after Stars Koi's last Growth-Out event (2009), we held another Growth-Out event (Shiro Growth Out) in August 2019. Thanks to high enthusiasm, the Shiro Growth Out event was sold out in just 3 days. 20 fishes which are included in the event consisting of Shiro Utsuri, breeders by Omosako, parented of Othello, size; 28-32 cm.

Check the pictures below for our result.

What the participants got

What participants got to keep in this event was a final condition with a +- 50cm-legth prediction which ended in January 2020 (6 months keeping).

All the participants get free 24/7 CCTV access to see the fish's growth. We used high-quality feed specified with FD Growth-up-special to boost the koi's growth.

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